Dr. Clauder Junior Lam & Rijst all breed 12,5 kg

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Volledige voeding voor jonge- en opgroeiende honden.

Lamseiwit gedroogd (17%), rijst (17%), rijstmeel (14%), rijst eiwit (10,5%), kippenvet, aardappeleiwit, erwten (gedroogd), gedroogde bietenpulp, rijstzemelen, erwten eiwit, lijnzaad, eiwithydrolysaat (van gevogelte), gist (incl. 0,5% glucanen), cichorei poeder (1%), Johannisbroodmeel, colostrum (0,3%), natriumchloride, kaliumchloride.

Ruw eiwit 27%, ruw vet 16%, ruwe celstof 2,5%, ruw as 7%, calcium 1,4%, fosfor 1%,kalium 0,55%, magnesium 0,1%.

Dr.Clauder's Best Choice Sensitive Lamb & Rice Junior is an extremely attractive product with high-quality ingredients that are particularly enjoyable thanks to the use of a single source of animal protein (lamb) and a single source of cereal-free gluten (rice). This is especially important for dogs with a tendency to food intolerance or in the presence of declared allergies.

Active Probiotic Fiber (FOS) improves digestibility.
Beta-glucan yeast increases natural immune defenses. Natural production without grain or preservatives. Complete food for growing dogs.

Lamb meat protein (dehydrated)
17%, rice (17%), rice flour, rice protein, poultry fat, potato protein (dehydrated), peas (dehydrated), beet pulp (no sugar), rice bran, pea protein seeds (as a source of omega 3 fatty acids), hydrolysed proteins, brewer's yeast, chicory powder (as source of inulin), carob flour, sodium chlorides, potassium chloride, beta-glucans.

Analytical Components:
Raw Protein 27%, Crude Fat 16%, Raw Fiber 2.5%, Fertilizer 7%, Calcium 1,4%, Phosphorus 1%, Sodium 0.28%

A: 15.000 IU, D3: 1.200IU, E: 150mg, B1: 13mg, B2: 12mg, B6: 8mg, B12: 140mcg, C: 90mg, biotin 650mcg, 3.5mg folic acid, 50mg nicotinic acid, 28mg acid pantothenic, choline chloride 1.500mg, copper (such as copper sulfate pentaidrate) 10mg, zinc (such as zinc oxide) 90mg, zinc (such as zinc chelate of amino acids, hydrate) 45mg, iodine (such as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 2mg , selenium (such as sodium selenite) 0.2mg. Technological additives: with antioxidants. EC Additives (rich in natural tocopherol extracts, and propyl gallate).

Feed Recommendation / Application Notes:
Always leave fresh water available!